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Our Clients

We are proud to be working with a growing number of prestigious public and private sector organisations in supporting their knowledge management, website and communication needs


Sporting Memories Network CIC


We are providing the web management, comms and online support for this high profile, ground breaking project taking place across the UK. Our work has included preparing press release copy, building the web pages, building and managing online booking solutions and commissioning an e-commerce site.

Gregor Henderson Ltd

Working with the Government of Western Australia Mental Health Commission to inform the development of a Quality Assurance Framework for Mental Mental Health in Western Australia. Evolution Networking has provided Gregor Henderson Ltd with support in the engagement and feedback from stakeholders across this vast geographical location through the use of online technology. Read more about this work in the government website here

Improving Access to Psychological Therapies


The IAPT Programme is a NHS Programme rolling out across England between 2008- 2015 with training for staff and new or improved services for local communities. We provide full content management and editing of this high profile site, which is aimed at practitioners, providers and commissioners

Working for Mental Health


We provide a web management serivce to the site content This website contains a range of information to help mental health practitioners and commissioners to provide timely and evidence based vocational interventions for people with mental health conditions.

TransGlobe Investments Limited


When our working partnership commenced, TransGlobe already had an attractive, informative and well designed website. However, this was a static site offering only one way communication. Identifying the opportunities available to develop the online experience offered to clients, we worked closely to build a model of knowledge and information sharing that would add value to their clients experience. Solutions have included the creation of an interactive community where clients can access the very latest news as well as network with other clients and promote their own business and property to each other.

We have supported TransGlobe in their move to a leaner, smarter model of knowledge sharing and communication that benefits the company and their clients. Evolution Networking continue to work closely with TransGlobe to deliver the highest quality experience for their clients information needs.

The European Delirium Association


The European Delirium Association (EDA) are a research and practice based organisation focussed on the spreading of knowledge on the medical condition which, if undetected and untreated has massive implications for the health of the person. The EDA is a member association, staging annual conferences across Europe. The EDA is acknowledged across the globe as a leading light in the development of practice

Iris Initiative- Early Intervention in Psychosis Network

The Early Intervention in Psychosis IRIS Network continues to support the promotion of EI in psychosis. As an ongoing legacy of the National EI Programme (2004-2010) this network brings together elected EI regional leads to ensure the ongoing sharing of issues and solutions. This network maintains a long history of collaboration with IRIS, one of the driving forces behind the promotion of EI in England and beyond.


Previous site builds

The Funzi and Bodo Trust


People living in the Kenyan villages of Funzi and Bodo often live without the basics of life like safe running water and electricity.Others have missed out on the opportunity to be educated or to have a job. This makes it hard for them to feed and support their families who often suffer poor health as a result of these conditions. Standards of accommodation can be very bad. Some villagers rely on Red Cross parcels to survive and have few clothes or possessions. When disability or serious illness intrudes they can’t pay for treatment or the facilities don’t exist.

The Trust approached Evolution Networks in 2008 to assist in the development of their online presence. An informative website had been built and we assisted them to incorporate social media tools to broaden their coverage. This included incorporating the use of YouTube and Google tools to make updating content speedier whilst improving sharing of this information on a wider scale.

The National Life Story Network 


Story telling is one of the most powerful means of communication that has existed for centuries. Stories well told capture our hearts, our minds and our imagination. They allow us to build up a picture and set of values and beliefs around the subject.

This high profile national network was launched in February 2010 to share practice and innovation across health and social care. Ongoing work included the management of website content, co-ordinating the building of the network online and face to face and raising awareness across the health and social care sectors. We ceased working with this network in June 2012

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